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“What I do realise is that I do not see the world as others do. Most people take the routines of life and day to day connections for granted. The fact that they can see, hear, smell, touch and relate to others is ‘normal’. For me, these things are often painfully overwhelming, non-existent or just confusing.” (Wendy Lawson)

With kind permission of its creator Olga Bogdashina, her Sensory Profile Checklist-Revised (SPCR), is a screening tool for compiling a sensory profile of a person with autism. The SPCR covers 20 categories including the seven sensory systems and helps to identify abilities some of which could be considered strengths and areas of difference and explain why the individual behaves a certain way. This understanding then enables the second most crucial part and that is to address these areas whilst using strengths and so creating a sensory environment which supports the person’s sensory needs instead of trying to change them.

This Profile is not designed as an autism diagnostic tool, but to provide a foundation upon which to produce a person-centred sensory diet (programme of development) which will help their needs to be met wherever they go. Many of the recommendations made within the profile will be easy and simple to achieve. Wherever Occupational Therapy is recommended from an OT who specialises in sensory integration, then it is recommended you seek specialist advice. This screening tool is a first-line support mechanism which will help begin an understanding of the individual’s condition and enable the creation of an environment in which that person can live positively.


NM of Kent said, " The report is great. It's fascinating to see how things link in. I'm finding the suggestions for helping my child cope better with the world very useful. Thank you so much for doing such a detailed report".

DW of Wiltshire said, "This is just amazing, it's so detailed - wish I knew about you sooner. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us - I can't wait to hand it out to everyone involved with our child and get started".

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